Meet the team: Bahman Al Nadaf - Business Development Manager

Originally from Iran, Bahman moved to the USA and studied mechanical engineering for two years.

Nov 18, 2014

Originally from Iran, Bahman moved to the USA and studied mechanical engineering for two years. He travelled extensively in his homeland helping companies to set up large scale factory turnkey projects. He continued his studies in business and export management in Iran and later went on to found and run his own company importing vet pharmaceuticals. He has also got a post graduate degree in Business Enterprise from New Zealand. With over 35 years in the industry, this guy certainly knows his stuff, from people management, through to operations and new product development.

Bahman began working at Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd in 2002 and has worked across the company in various roles including sales and research and development. He is passionate about the company’s products and educating clients on the benefits of Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd’s systems and their capabilities when compared to their competitors, he says, “When you buy a product from us, you’re buying experience and quality. We produce only the best in everything we do, from hot water heat pumps through to indoor pool ventilation systems. Our point of difference is that we come up with solutions to client problems. This results in the installation of the right piece of equipment for the job. More often than not, this saves our clients' time and money, with cost efficient systems that are built to last.”

Bahman enjoys the family environment at Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd and believes that everyone at the company has very similar goals and aspirations, “It might seem old-fashioned, but we’re a bunch of responsible citizens here at the manufacturing plant in Henderson. We think about the planet, it’s an integral part of our job to make sure that anything we produce does not have an adverse effect on the environment. We also strive to deliver the most superior products for our clients. If they are happy, we’re happy.”

The Business Development Manager sees every project as a challenge and remembers one of his favourite jobs, “We were in a pitch situation to win the contract for providing a hot water system for a 5 star hotel in Jakarta. Our competitors from the States and Australia were major players in the sector and had some serious credentials to back up their bid, along with really flashy marketing proposals. I sat down with Don (Trigg, founding Director) to work out how we could win the job. We came up with a 64 page document detailing our experience in project planning, how we have the capability to provide solutions using new technology, along with our excellent after-sales care service. Through sheer hard work and our ability to demonstrate our knowledge, we secured the contract. It was a steep learning curve in the power of company presentation. You have to be able to tell your company story in an engaging way, whilst also demonstrating the quality of your workmanship.”

When he’s not making sure the factory is running smoothly, liaising with suppliers and clients, problem solving, and growing the Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd business, Bahman can be found playing football at the weekends or relaxing with his wife of 35 years with their two children and grandchildren.