Servicing Your Heat Pump Water Heater

Hot Water Heat Pumps recommends that you service your heat pump water heater on an annual basis. This proactive measure is essential for preserving its peak performance levels. Through regular servicing, you can ensure the optimal operation of your unit, safeguarding its efficiency and functionality over time. By prioritising this maintenance, you not only enhance the performance of your system but also detect and address any potential issues before they escalate, minimising the risk of unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.


Auckland Region

Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd offers expert servicing for not just our branded models but also for all other brands of heat pump water heaters. To schedule a service or to review our service fees, please use the buttons below.




Rest of New Zealand

For those outside of our immediate service coverage in Auckland, Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd has a network of dedicated service agents nationwide, equipped with parts compatible with the majority of heat pump water heaters available in the New Zealand market. Our service agents are proficient in handling routine servicing, warranty work, and repairs, ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of your unit.

Please note that any repairs or maintenance conducted under warranty requires prior approval from Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd. Failure to obtain such approval may result in the service agent charging you for the rendered services.

Please click below to locate a Dedicated Service Agent in your area. Service Agents may have varying rates, so we encourage you to inquire directly with them for details.


Hot Water Heat Pumps Parts and Accessories

At Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd, we offer a comprehensive selection of spare parts and accessories for your heat pump water heater needs. Whether it's for repairs, maintenance, or upgrades, we've got you covered. Our inventory includes parts compatible with most heat pump water heaters available in the New Zealand market.

We prioritise quality in all our products, using only the best componentry in our heat pump water heaters. Our spare parts and accessories are no exception, ensuring reliability and longevity for your investment. Additionally, we provide a range of high-quality accessories designed to enhance the performance and efficiency of your heat pump water heater, maximising its value to you.





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