Air Diffusion

Prihoda Air Diffusion

Air Diffusion

Fabric Diffusers are a universal air distribution tool and cover the entire range of air delivery patterns. We achieve the requested air distribution by selecting the correct air outlet method. We can combine the air outlet methods on a single diffuser duct in any pattern or ratio we wish. The range of possibilities begins with low velocity diffusion and continues up to long-distance targeted air supply. This allows you to achieve an optimal air distribution solution whether it is for an office or an industrial plant. We cover the entire range of air flow reaches used in real life. Using special software, we will design a proper air output solution for your application.
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Key Features

Ideal Applications

  • - Fabric Air Ducting and Diffusers

A/ MICROPERFORATION – 200 – 400 µm laser cut holes in the fabric Small perforations with a diameter of 200 - 400 μm, which we refer to as microperforations, are designed mainly for use as low velocity air diffusion.
B/ PERFORATION – laser cut holes with a diameter greater than 4 mm A series of 4 mm diameter or larger holes, called perforations, provide directed air supply.
AIR TRANSFER DUCTING Ducting made from impermeable fabric or insulated ducting transports air to the destination WITHOUT diffusion. We have the technical ability to design and manufacture, branches, bends and other fittings for any situation.