Proven Track Record for Thermoplus Increases Demand

Meeting Market Demand of Thermoplus (THP) Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Aug 31, 2014

Due to the increasing popularity of Thermoplus (THP) swimming pool heat pumps, we’re pleased to announce that we have ordered a 40ft container of units to meet market demand.  Imported from a factory in China - sourced by me personally - these units are not a stock standard product from an off-shore factory.

It’s now 3 years since our first small shipment arrived. These swimming pool heat pumps were mainly sold locally as a trial run and to make sure we had a reliable system. We did have a couple of minor changes made to the refrigeration circuit to enhance the product. We also had them wired using our own wiring circuit and temperature controller. The range offers owners a very user and service friendly system. The units are low-cost and reliable, with a less than 1% warranty rate.

Units feature powder coated stainless steel feet, base, fan guard and fan bracket, the cabinet is a UV stabilised plastic. The original units were rated at 14, 17, 21 and 26 kw, and have now added the 5.6 kw which is ideal for spas. The 7.5 and 12.5 units complete the range of models. With a slight adjustment to the setting on our controller, they can be used as a chiller. Further adjustments means that the unit becomes an automatic heat and chill system, ideal for hydroponics.  Our easy to use controller also has a built in hour counter, hp and lp fault signals. We have also had covers added to ensure the controllers are weather-proofed.

The PVC pipe connections have a 40mm mac/barrel unions supplied, one half is a faucet (male thread) on a “o” ring, seal hand tightened into the heat exchanger, the other half comes in two pipe sizes so our NZ pipe fits into the smaller size which starts about 25mm inside the fitting. I have mentioned this as we had one installer who didn’t realise this and had trouble adapting our pipe to the outer pipe size of the fitting. 
Thermoplus swimming pool heat pumps are offered with a two year warranty which is the same as our Performance Plus range.

We are proud of the reliability these units have demonstrated and the performance also stands up to the input, output ratios that we expect from a good quality heat pump.