Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd Introduces Prihoda Fabric Ducting to New Zealand

Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd. have secured the sole New Zealand distribution rights for Prihoda Tailor Made Air Duct & Distribution. Prihoda is a Czech company who specialise providing tailor-made fabric ducting and diffusers for the transport and distribution of air for a wide range of industries.

Jan 7, 2019

Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd recently secured the sole distribution rights for Prihoda fabric ducting and diffusers in New Zealand. 

Prihoda is a Czech company, who specialise in the production of fabric ducting and diffusers for the transport or distribution of air. They offer tailor-made solutions for ventilation suitable for industries as diverse as indoor pools, schools, laboratories, food, sports, light structure, offices, restaurants, cinemas, retailers and more. 

Prihoda understand air temperature and air movement. Every system is designed from scratch – there is no stock, all systems are bespoke and designed specifically for that application. The aesthetics, diameter, length, air pattern, everything is designed to produce the air flow profiles demanded by that application. Prihoda produce comprehensive drawings and air flow graphics including REVIT and CAD drawings.

Truly the only ducting system designed and manufactured from scratch to suit every specific project.The fabric ducting systems offered by Prihoda offer many benefits over more traditional installations

These include: 

  • Air Distribution is greatly improved with the increased area of Fabric Ducting in a room creating a platform to supply air over a larger area than traditional grilles alone.  This also helps to provide a much more controlled velocity and comfortable environment.
  • Extremely Low Noise and Velocity Levels. Prihoda’s textile based ventilation systems allow supply air to be delivered evenly around the room due to the large amount of duct and diffusion area in the space; they are also able to do this at extremely low velocities and noise levels, whilst still ensuring high indoor air quality.
  • Safety is increased with the flame retardant polyester fabric that has a higher fire resistance than plastic ducting. The light weight of the ducting makes it considerably safer from collapse in an earthquake or disaster situation. 
  • Earthquake safety - No seismic restraining is required as per the requirements of NZS4219:2009. Metal ducting requires seismic calculations to ensure it complies with code. Fabric ducting is not covered in code as it is very light weight, so no further restraints other than the cable systems that support the duct are required. 
  • Material selection. Prihoda uses specially delveloped materials that have been subjected to extensive development testing in order to achieve maximum performance benefits for their customers. Different fabric options are available that provide specific benefits such as high rigidity and strength, fire resistance, negligible fibre shedding, antistatic effect, easy maintenance and stable appearance. 
  • Recycled materials option. Prihoda offers a fabric option made from plastic bottles. No new hydrocarbons are used to make the polyester material. The energy consumption required to manufacture the fibres is reduced by 66%, whilst also reducing green house gas emissions by over 34% and reducing water consumption by nearly 50%. 
  • Maintenance is arguably much easier with Air Socks than rigid ducting making it a more hygienic option. Fabric is typically removed (unzipped) and cleaned in a washing machine and re-installed. In reality rigid ducting is often never cleaned due to cost and accessibility issues.
  • Price is a major factor with Fabric Ducting systems costing less than a rigid system and its associated grilles, especially if that system has to be insulated. Textile Ducting systems also take less time to install creating savings on installation time.
  • 10 Year Warranty is given on Medium weight Polyester Fabrics such as Prihoda Regular, Prihoda Premium and Recycled Material. This is 99% of the material specified in most cases. 
  • Aesthetics are increased because of a wider variety of colours, shapes, materials and visual layout can all combine to make a pleasant aesthetic impact. 

Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd believes Prihoda is a good match for our company and core values. Prihoda provides longevity, safety and versatility whilst delivering air in a controlled predetermined way. With a lower capital cost and installation time and improved maintenance options Fabric Ducting can be an effective and attractive ventilation ducting option.

For more information contact:
Bahman Al Nadaf

021 908 813