Hot Water for Hobsonville Point Schools

Hobsonville Point Primary School and Hobsonville Point Secondary School have been using Performance Plus water heating heat pumps to heat water throughout the school since 2014.

Nov 29, 2017

Hobsonville Point Secondary School and Hobsonville Point Primary School are the first PPP (Public, Private Partnership) schools to be built in New Zealand. Being run under a PPP means that a private company takes care of the management of the school buildings and grounds. This allows the principals to concentrate sole on the education of the students. 

Both schools have been designed to be significantly different to any other New Zealand school in terms of construction quality, building performance and also in terms of their effectiveness as twenty first century learning environments. Both schools have also achieved a five star Green Star rating. Green Star is a rating tool that communicates the sustainability of New Zealand's commercial buildings with 5 star rating indicating New Zealand excellence. 

A New Breed of School

By 2018, the high school will accommodate up to 1,500 students. The state-of-the-art school is currently catering to the students from the residential developments being built on the former RNZAF airbase, and later to the wider Hobsonville/West Harbour area. With this many children in their care and future roll growth expected both schools required a reliable hot water heating system that was powerful enough to consistently provide hot water all year round while being cost-effective to run. 

Hot Water Heat Pumps Limited was pleased to find they had been specified in the installation tender document, by global building engineers Aecom, to manufacture the equipment that would provide hot water heating throughout the school. 

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