Energy Efficient Econergy Heat Pumps at Hobsonville Point

One of the key initiatives used to meet the Homestar energy requirements at Hobsonville Point is to install a heat pump water heater.

Jul 25, 2018

Using an Econergy heat pump to heat domestic hot water reduces that home’s energy consumption, lowering the owners power bill and improves the Homestar rating that the building can achieve.

A conventional hot water cylinder typically uses 1 unit of electricity to produce 1 unit of heat. A heat pump water heater works using the same energy saving technology as a standard heat pump. It uses electricity to take energy from the ambient air and transfers it into the water at a much higher temperature.

The amount of energy a heat pump is able to produce from 1 unit of electricity is reflected by its COP (Coefficient of Performance). An Econergy heat pump water heater is able to use 1 unit of energy to generate 3.76 units of heat. This COP is based on performance at an average air temperature of 15°C - a realistic air temperature for our climate - and delivering 60°C hot water. That makes Econergy the most efficient heat pump water heater on the New Zealand market. It also offers a fast recovery time of 67L per hour using those same parameters.

For even greater energy efficiency and savings, the Econergy heat pump water heater can also be used with a wetback or solar. It is designed and built in New Zealand, providing the highest durability for our conditions, and has full heat pump operation right down to -5°C without boosting from an electric element.  

The building development at Hobsonville Point has a strong focus on sustainable living. They require every home to achieve a Homestar rating of 5 or more stars. One of the key initiatives used to meet the Homestar energy requirements is to install a heat pump water heater. Many heat pump water heaters are constructed as a big bulky single unit on top of a hot water cylinder that can be seen over the top of most fences. The Econergy heat pump featured in the photo has been installed by Classic Homes at Hobsonville Point. The photo illustrates how the Econergy heat pump is separate from the hot water cylinder and can be easily tucked away at the side of the house. On another site at Hobsonville Point, builders Haydn & Rollet have ordered black units to blend in with the house it is being used for.