Indoor Heat Recovery & Ventilation System

Indoor heat recovery and ventilation system

Vent-Air indoor pool ventilation and heat recovery systems are the ideal solution for indoor swimming pools, keeping condensation and moisture under control at all times. 

Indoor swimming pool enclosures must be ventilated, either by natural (in case of smaller residential pools where a cover is used and the climate is mild) or mechanical means (in case of large residential and commercial pools) to control temperature, humidity and overall indoor moisture.  

Vent-Air indoor pool ventilation and heat recovery systems are ideal for use in new and existing indoor residential, commercial and public swimming pools, with surface areas starting from 30m2.

Each Vent-Air system is designed to deliver the following benefits:

  • Maintain a consistent air temperature
  • Minimise condensation
  • Control humidity levels
  • Creating a pleasant environment for pool users
  • Reduce energy consumption when compared to other available products in the market. 

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How does a Vent-Air indoor pool ventilation system work?

When the incoming fresh air to the Vent-Air enclosure is heated, it expands and reduces the moisture content. Each Vent‐Air indoor pool ventilation system is designed to provide the right amount of fresh heated air to effectively control the indoor pool moisture at a fraction of energy consumption in comparison with other products available.

Vent-Air indoor pool ventilation systems are designed in a way to minimise condensation, to control the humidity level and to create a pleasant environment for pool users by replacing continuously exhausted stale and humid indoor air with fresh outdoor air.

Each Vent‐Air System features Fan Coil Air Handling Units that supply fresh heated air into the enclosure that dilutes the humid and stagnant indoor air, with drier outdoor air and the same amount of stale indoor air is exhausted at the same time, by the Return Fan Coil Air Handling Units.

With a Vent-Air solution, the optimum number of air changes per hour is achieved, supplying the ideal amount of outdoor air to distribute throughout the indoor pool areas in order to:

  • Stop concentration of contaminants in certain areas,
  • Remove odours 
  • Control and keep air temperature and humidity consistent

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