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Hot Water Heat Pumps For Swimming & Spa Pools

Hot Water Heat Pumps for Swimming and Spa Pools

The ThermoPlus range of hot water heat pumps have been designed specifically for swimming and spa pool heating and provide an excellent value alternative to our PerformancePlus range. With all of our ThermoPlus products you will enjoy a consistently heated pool with significant energy savings for many years to come. 

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Features & benefits: 

ThermoPlus hot water heat pumps for swimming pools and spa pools have a host of great features and benefits including: 

  • Flow switch activation
  • Quiet operation
  • Side discharge fan, makes installation easy
  • Highly efficient titanium heat exchanger
  • Digital display thermostat
  • Hard wearing ABS plastic housing

Temperature Control System

Hot Water Heat Pumps has specially designed a highly accurate electronic temperature control system which measures a 0.1°C temperature rise in the pool reliably when the heat pump is operating.  This allows for quick and easy temperature adjustment on your ThermoPlus hot water heat pump.  

  • Accurate temperature control to 0.1°C
  • Diagnostic digital display
  • User friendly operation
  • Quick and easy temperature adjustment
  • Constant display of water temperature when filtering

ABS (Acrylonitrile – Butadiene – Styrene) Plastic Cabinets

All ThermoPlus hot water heat pumps feature ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) plastic cabinets, which have been purpose designed for their durability and will not rust, unlike many imported metal cabinets when exposed to New Zealand’s harsh climates.

Titanium Heat Exchanger

The ThermoPlus swimming and spa pool hot water heat pump range is fitted with a titanium tube heat exchanger, purpose-built by our qualified technicians to minimise pool water corrosion.

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