Duo Heat

Dual Purpose Hot Water Heat Pumps

Dual Purpose Hot Water Heat Pumps

The Duoheat range of dual-purpose hot water heat pumps eliminates the need to invest in two separate heat pumps reducing unit redundancies and minimising the overall footprint of your equipment.

Key benefits of a Duoheat dual-purpose or triple-purpose hot water heat pump:

  • Offer all the same advantages of Performance Plus hot water heat pumps
  • eliminate the need for investing in two or three separate hot water heat pumps
  • Provide a significantly smaller overall footprint
  • Reduce equipment redundancies
  • Present a substantial overall cost saving over the long-term

Custom-Designed and Manufactured Since 1983

Since 1983 Hot Water Heat Pumps has custom-designed and manufactured Duoheat dual-purpose hot water heat pumps in Auckland, New Zealand. The first Duoheat unit was a Pool and Domestic Hot water unit, and we've been busy manufacturing every other combination since.  

View our Duoheat dual-purpose product range for more information:

Custom-designed, multi-purpose hot water heat pump solutions

Hot Water Heat Pumps Limited can custom design, manufacture and install a single hot water heat pump solution for a range of multiple-use scenarios such as swimming pool, domestic water and underfloor heating.

Triple-Purpose Hot Water Heat Pumps

Our triple-purpose hot water heat pumps take care of three separate needs in one single solution - eliminating the need for additional unnecessary investment.  

Tell us about your specific hot water heating needs

Our highly experienced team of hot water heating experts are only too happy to give you some obligation-free advice about which overall solution will best match your hot water heating needs. 

Contact us on 0800 336 633 to discuss your specific heating requirements and we can recommend the ideal Duoheat Dual Purpose, Triple-Purpose or custom designed hot water heat pump solution for your home. 

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