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Vent-Air Indoor Pool Ventilation


Indoor heat and recovery ventilation systems

If you’re planning or building an indoor pool for commercial use, then you will need to consider an indoor heat and recovery ventilation system. To create the correct environment for your pool, Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd recommends installing one of its proprietary Vent‐Air indoor pool ventilation and heat recovery systems. The system will keep condensation under control at all times, maintain optimum temperature(s) and moreover will lead to cost savings.

In order to control temperature, humidity and overall indoor moisture, all indoor swimming pool enclosures must be ventilated, either by natural (in the case of smaller residential pools where a cover is used and the climate is mild) or mechanical means (in the case of large residential and commercial pools).

Suitable for all sizes of indoor pool

Vent-Air indoor pool ventilation and heat recovery systems are suitable for use in new and existing indoor commercial and public swimming pools, with surface areas starting from 30m2.

Our Vent-Air indoor pool ventilation and heat recovery systems are custom engineered to suit the specific requirements of your indoor pool environment. Please talk to one of our indoor pool ventilation experts at Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd today, and we’ll tailor a Vent-Air solution to meet your needs.

Key Benefits

  • Maintains a consistent air temperature 
  • Minimises condensation
  • Controls humidity levels
  • Creates a pleasant environment for pool users
  • Reduces energy consumption when compared to other available products in the market

Ideal applications

  • Indoor Pool Ventilation

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