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Sumptuous Home Showcases Hydronic Underfloor Heating

25 October 2019

Tucked away in Coatesville this 300m2 home is a splendid demonstration of an energy efficient underfloor heating solution. Hydronic underfloor heating offers a comfortable, long-term, and possibly the most sustainable option for home heating, when combined with a Performance Plus heat pump water heater. Using a low energy input from electricity (roughly 80% of which is derived from renewable sources in NZ) it meets the increasing drive to protect our resources for future generations.

A heating solution for all floors

Tony's solution was one Performance Plus 7GUb16-1 Digital Scroll heat pump for the entire underfloor. For a house of this size, two heat pumps are often recommended to minimize heat loss that occurs over a more extensive space. The owners preferred to minimise the visual impact of the heat pump, so a single pump was used. The mains flow and return pipes were protected in an insulated duct which was trenched underground to reduce heat loss. The heat pump was then discretely positioned on the far side of the barn. 

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