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Moana Saves Pāua using Temperature Control

7 June 2017

Paua With over 14,000 kilometres of coastline,  New Zealand has the perfect setting to nurture its thriving aquaculture industry. Moana New Zealand is the largest Māori owned fisheries company in New Zealand and their operations include a pāua farm located within NIWA’s Bream Bay Aquaculture Park. The farm has been developed as a sustainable option to provide pāua (known internationally as blue abalone) direct to a range of international markets. 

Moana’s pāua farm is supplied with some of the highest quality ocean seawater in the world through a natural deep-water intake. The subtle taste and firm texture of their pāua reflects the superior quality of the water supply, rich in natural nutrients. 

Pāua Health Prompts Innovation

The farm at Bream Bay has a capacity to produce over two million pāua (120 tonne) per annum. At up to $100 USD per kilo the pāua are a valuable commodity to protect and the farm is a valuable asset for Moana to advance and maintain. 

Pāua require seawater temperatures between 17.5-18°C to grow well, although they can tolerate colder temperatures, they become stressed in temperatures of 20°C or higher. In summer of 2016 Moana’s Bream Bay farm suffered from higher water temperatures attributed to a heat wave. Paul Beardsell, Asset Manager for Moana New Zealand looked for solutions to control the temperature of the fresh seawater used in the pāua farm. In particular, he wanted to protect their breeding stock from uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. 

Paul contacted Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd, who they had used previously and who were also recommended by NIWA, to assist them to control the temperature of the seawater at their farm. Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd was able to tailor a solution to meet Moana’s needs. They recommended a variable capacity 7GP65HC-3 heat and chill unit with some special features built in.

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