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History of Hot Water Heat Pumps

In the late 1980's we introduced a high-tech corrosion resistant tubing into our swimming pool Heat Pumps

This technological advancement addressed a significant problem found with existing grades of tubing within the heat exchanger product part, which were failing due to corrosion when proper pool balance wasn't maintained.

Over the years we've continued to improve our products and today, all Performance Plus Swimming Pool and Spa Heat Pumps are fitted with our uniquely designed titanium tube heat exchanger for the ultimate in performance and durability.

Product Lines

  • Residential / Commercial Swimming Pool Heat & Chill Pumps
  • Residential / Commercial Spa Pools Heat Pumps
  • Residential / Commercial Under-floor heating Heat Pumps
  • Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps
  • Water to Water Chillers & Heaters
  • Reverse Cycle Water to Water Chillers & Heaters
  • Energy Efficient Indoor Pool Heat Recovery Systems
  • Condensation Control Ventilation Systems
  • Time Clock bypass & Management Control System
  • Hydroponics Nutrient Temperature Control
  • Aquaculture Temperature Control

Our History

Hot Water Heat Pumps has been operating as a privately owned New Zealand company since its formation by founding Director Don Trigg in 1982. Out of our 13,500 square foot factory in Henderson, Auckland, we’ve built up a solid reputation as a high quality producer and distributor of heat pump water heaters and water temperature control solutions to residential and commercial customers across New Zealand and abroad.

Hot Water Heat Pumps has a history of timely product innovations, which saw the introduction of high-tech corrosion resistant tubing within the heat exchanger of its swimming pool heat pump range during the late 1980’s. The advancement came after HWHP’s Don Trigg identified a problem the standard grades of tubing used at the time. These had a tendency to fail when proper pool balance wasn’t maintained, causing considerable damage to the heat pumps refrigeration system.

The company has continued to grow and today, we produce the largest range of swimming pool Heat Pumps available in New Zealand and export to Chile, Australia, South Africa, USA, Singapore and the Pacific Islands.

Our Product Technology

At Hot Water Heat Pumps we’re dedicated to advancing energy efficient Heat Pump technology and its applications. In 1996 we introduced the unique "Performance Plus" ™ brand of swimming pool heat pumps to the New Zealand market using titanium tubing within the heat exchanger of the product. Titanium has proven to be an extremely resistant material to corrosion due to pool water chemistry and provides a level of durability in the product previously unseen.

The reliable performance and superior energy efficiency of our technology has seen our products being used across a wide range of applications. Hot Water Heat Pumps has customers that include residential homeowners, hotel owners, city councils, distributors, commercial pool owners, school pool users and marine farm owners. Whatever the application, we offer considered solutions to please residential, commercial and institutional requirements efficiently and economically.

Our People

Our company’s success is indebted to the participation and commitment of each past and current employee at every step of production including data collection, design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, delivery and after sales support. As a value-oriented business we understand that it's the people who make a company great and we strive to train, value and reward our team members accordingly. 

Our current staff of twenty based out in Henderson, Auckland produce over 600 Heat Pumps per year across thirty-six different models with the highest standard of service and after sales support.