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  • Consistent performance all year round

    Consistent performance all year round

    Our Heat Pumps have been specifically designed for New Zealand conditions and continue to perform efficiently in temperatures ranging from -10C to +45C. So you'll continue to enjoy Hot Water all year round no matter where you are or what the weather's doing outside.

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  • Energy efficient

    Energy efficient

    By extracting free heat from the ambient air, Hot Water Heat Pumps have a low cost of operation compared to gas, diesel pool heaters or electric elements. This means a better result for the environment and your pocket, with potential cost savings of up to 80%.

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  • Environmentally friendly

    Environmentally friendly

    Hot Water Heat Pumps use certified Ozone Safe refrigerants that won't harm the environment. Combined with the supreme energy efficiency of Heat Pump transfer technology, you can rest assured your Hot Water Heat Pump is one of the most environmentally friendly sources of heating available.

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A Heat Pump is like a fridge working in reverse, using free heat extracted from the ambient air and then efficiently transferring it to the water. See how our Hot Water Heat Pumps compare to other types of heating such as Gas, Diesel and Electricity.



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  • Pacific Coast Village offers Resort Style Retirement with their Pool Pavilion

    posted 25 May 2017

    Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd heating solution for swimming pool, spa, showers and condensation control for the pool pavilion at Pacific Coast Village in Papamoa

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  • Saving Energy At Northern Arena

    posted 18 April 2017

    Swimming pool operator Northern Arena says it has enhanced its brand through energy saving measures that both save it money and reduce carbon emissions. Northern Arena now heats its pools with new generation heat pumps that run on electricity rather than gas. This not only solved a problem of ensuring reliable, right-temperature water for its swimmers, but synched with the company’s vision to be environmentally-friendly. Three months after the new heat pumps started operation the company is on track to cut its energy bill by a third, or over $60,000 a year, while maintenance costs have also dropped steeply.

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  • Hilton Brown Eliminates Condensation

    posted 9 November 2016

    Not long ago we shared our long standing relationship with Hilton Brown. After reviewing the beginning of this relationship we rediscovered how Hilton Brown Albany was able to retrofit a Vent-Air system to overcome their condensation problems. This may also be of interest to you, especially if you are seeking ventilation and condensation control for an indoor pool.

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